About Savings Squared Medical

Systemically declining healthcare reimbursements in the face of escalating expenses have been driving healthcare providers and government alike to seek ways of controlling costs - resulting in demand for more complex cost/benefit analyses and solutions.  Today’s supply spend has become highly complex and it is not enough to simply have a great contract portfolio.  As today’s manufacturers have become more active and accurate in the auditing of contract compliance, it has made contracting more difficult to connect and maintain.  This has increased the amount of contract disconnects and denials of contract requests leading to ever changing and increasing supply costs, adversely affecting budget plans and profit margins for customers throughout the medical industry.  Savings Squared Medical assembled a team possessing decades of experience working with GPOs, distributors, and manufacturers to create a continuous cost savings solution set in their Purchasing Aggregation Program: 

 Savings Squared Medical’s Aggregation Program  utilizes all of our customer's volume within our GPO to achieve top tier pricing with major manufacturers and combines expert contract management including customized formulary recommendations for each of our customers' unique needs.  The benifits all derive from the Savings Squared Medical contract portfolio and distributor partnerships.  The program takes the burden off our customers by connecting and managing all moving parts in the distribution supply chain that have made delivering and maintaining low pricing so difficult historically.  Savings Squared Medical takes control of cost savings from the beginning with the GPO paperwork, through verified successful contract connection, and maintains the cost savings via regular price auditing and correction on behalf of our customers - to make sure the best pricing available is actually received.  

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