CONNECTING CONTRACTS- Medical providers, whether they be physician offices and clinics, multi-site facilities, surgery centers, hospitals or medical management companies, can get bogged down searching for, negotiating and signing all GPO contract paperwork for themselves.  SSM takes on the burden of all GPO and LOC paperwork by signing and loading all distribution-based GPO contracts and pricing to ensure the savings for its customers.

VOLUME AGGREGATION PROGRAM- Most facilities often only access base tier pricing/discounts, missing out on thousands in savings.  SSM provides, through its Volume Aggregation Program, a pricing umbrella that fully utilizes the best GPO pricing levels through SSM’s national pricing agreements with best of breed suppliers and manufacturers.

PRICING AUDITS & ENFORCEMENT- Putting contract pricing in place is only the first step in a long-term cost savings solution.  GPOs do not routinely audit distribution pricing for accuracy or contract connections.  SSM audits and fixes distribution pricing on an ongoing basis to confirm and correct contract connections and maintain the low contract pricing.

PRODUCT/PRICING COMPARISONS- SSM proactively shops for and presents clinical alternatives for lower cost options.